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Excellence in Contract Manufacturing

With over thirty years of experience leading manufacturing supply chain organizations, John White has guided teams for a diverse range of companies, from startups and mid-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 conglomerates. His extensive career, collaborating with hundreds of suppliers, has given him a profound understanding of what distinguishes an exceptional supplier.
In 2021, John recognized the remarkable growth and transformation within India's manufacturing sector, especially amidst the uncertainties in China. Seeing a tremendous opportunity to assist OEMs in transitioning their supply chains to India—the emerging leader in "best value country" manufacturing—John partnered with two top-tier contract manufacturers he had previously worked with in India.
When establishing John White International (JWI), John envisioned a company that went beyond mere introductions. He wanted to leverage his three decades of supply chain expertise to ensure long-term success and stability in supplier relationships. Instead of representing a broad array of manufacturers, JWI focuses exclusively on two carefully selected contract manufacturers. John works closely with these partners as an integral part of their teams, ensuring ongoing success for all parties involved.
Since its inception, JWI has successfully helped numerous businesses transition to these two world-class Indian suppliers, renowned for their exceptional performance, quality, and cost competitiveness. Our commitment is to provide continuous support and strategic insights, ensuring your supply chain thrives well into the future.
Contact us today to learn how John White International can help you achieve your manufacturing goals and enhance your supply chain efficiency.

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At John White International, we are dedicated to supporting our customers at every stage of their journey. Our commitment extends well beyond the initial purchase order, ensuring that our clients receive ongoing assistance and expert guidance.

We represent two premier contract manufacturers, both of which provide comprehensive engineering and technical support based in the United States. Additionally, these manufacturers offer domestic inventory warehousing and full logistics management, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

With John White International, you can trust that we will be with you every step of the way, providing the resources and expertise needed for your continued success.


Our first partner stands as one of the top electronics contract manufacturers in India.  They are India’s premier vertically integrated electronics manufacturing service provider, boasting manufacturing facilities in Chennai, India, and the US. With a comprehensive suite of capabilities including PCB design and assembly, wire/cable harnesses, metal fabrication, machining, injection molding, powder coating, and magnetics, Avalon provides fully integrated solutions with complete program management and engineering support stateside. Serving clients primarily in the Clean Energy, Aerospace, Industrial, Communications, and Medical segments.


Our second partner excels in highly engineered precision machining and extensive metal fabrication. Their offerings encompass individual components as well as complete assemblies. They cater to clients in the Medical, Aerospace, Power, Transportation, Industrial, and Food Equipment segments.  They maintain their headquarters, warehouse, and technical program management team in the US, with manufacturing facilities located in Chennai, India.

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John White International, LLC is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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